Welcome to the launch of the Your Maths Tutor Maths and Science Cooperative

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Welcome :) !

Because not everyone wants (or indeed can afford ) to pay for ongoing maths and science tuition, we have created this low cost subscription forum to help you with any maths or physics-related problem you might have. Why a forum? Because we believe that the best way to learn is together as part of a supportive community. To that end if you're reading this post as a guest then please join the forum by registering here. If you're already registered then please subscribe and say "hi!" on the General Chit Chat board and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ultimately we would like to provide this service for free but we are starting with a subscription model so that, hopefully, ongoing server and maintenance costs will eventually be covered.

Thanks for calling by and please do spread the word!

YourMathsTutor ;D
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If you're looking for individual or group maths or phyiscs tuition and live in the Edinburgh/Midlothian/Fife area please visit the Your Maths Tutor website